The Ebook Market Increases

It seems quite clear now that the wave of the future in publishing will be the ebook. Perhaps traditional books are here to stay for awhile, but the ebook is what matters the most in terms of thinking about tomorrow. The good news for independent and indie writers is that they can get their ideas and stories out to the public more readily.  To support this view all one has to do is look at the recently released statistics from the American Association of Publishers. Their ebook survey showed revenue among the publishers surveyed was $1.54 billion. That is a whopping 41% greater than 2011.

Overall the overall ebook market is 21.67% of the total US book market. That places it just under the paperback market which at $1.66 billion.  Children’s ebooks rose a dramatic 120% in 2012 to $233 million

While it should be noted that this survey did not include most indie writers, the signs are clear that in order to make a living as a writer one must absolutely include the ebook market. In spite of only including a few small publishers and indie writers, the number of publishers surveyed was well over 1,000 compared to only 90 in 2011. Much more attention is being paid to ebook publishing than in the past and everything indicates this will continue to grow.

The chart below shows the results of this survey.

Ebook Market Increases

Ebook revenue shows a steady and significant upward trend.

The ebook format now accounts for nearly 25% of publishing revenue and rose 5% from 2011. The graph clearly shows a steady and rapid increase in revenue and there is nothing to indicate that this trend will stop in the near future. Indie writers would be wise to take note and, in addition, to make sure they are up to speed on the ins and outs of ebook publishing. Ebooks are not just the wave of the future. They have a significant and profitable presence now.