Sure-Fire Ways of Selling Your Ebook

For independent authors, selling your ebook can be easier than ever. For many readers, there is something special, unique and even cool about downloading ebooks. Below are a few basic pointers to tapping into this new market and getting established as a writer.

First, you can give away your ebook for free. Of course, there are certain limitations on this free gift; for example, a time limitation. Giving out your ebook for 30 to 90 days gratis can give it some traction. Buzz is vital for success. Your free book can generate some momentum that will carry on through the sales process.

Of course it is not just a matter of generating future sales. Giving your ebook away lets you to test your work without taking a financial beating. Good writers often, in fact always, have to go back to the drawing board. Getting new readers is easier than it has ever been.

When the time comes to price your ebooks, caution is necessary – whether you give it away or sell it. If you decide to charge, most experts recommend you never go below $2.99. However, other people suggest that the primary goal of your ebook should never be to make money, but to get your work out there. You must decide what you want to do.

Additionally, you need to reach blogging and ebook junkies. This is a very exclusive club, but it is to these blogs, websites, newsletters and social media pages that ebook readers turn to get information. Tapping these resources is vital and it will assist you in getting your book read. Below is a list of some blogs and websites that you should know about if you want to spread the word about the ebook that you wrote.

Inspired Reads:

Kindle Reader:



Ereader News Today:

Kindle Nation:

Pixel of Ink:

Additional things an ebook author might consider are paid book reviews from places like Kirkus and Bookrooster, finding sponsorship for your ebook to help with costs and, of course, not being afraid to wisely promote yourself on social networking sites and your own blog.

It is the age of the digital book and this opens up opportunities for those seeking to share their writing and possibly be a full time professional writer. If you have the talent and the will, you are practically guaranteed success.

Although it seems selling your work is easy, some times hiring a consultant or a professional who can develop a marketing plan for you is the best way to manage the success of your publishing experience. Contact Scout Multimedia and get a personalized publishing plan.