The October Essay Contest is Live!

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This month’s essay contest question is:

What is it that compels you to express yourself by writing?

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10 tips on writing a winning essay

  1. First off, make sure you understand the topic before you attempt to lay out your ideas. Read the topic carefully, and answer the question in one simple sentence first. This will be your ‘thesis’ in which to base all other ideas.
  2. Create an outline that includes an complete set of ideas and an elaboration on the question or topic. You should have at least 10 points to cover for a large essay.
  3. Once you have your outline, elaborate on each subject or sentence you outlined.
  4. Read everything, line by line. Cross out anything that isn’t relevant or over bearing in the topic. Add anything you feel needs to be added. Your first draft is completed.
  5. Now compose your essay from the ideas from your 1st draft.
  6. Re-read everything and be critical of your self. Make sure you have the correct amount of words and the formatting according to the guidelines.
  7. Have someone else who you consider a good critic, and good proof reader, read your essay and make suggestions.
  8. Now you should have a good idea on how you intend to draft your final paper.
  9. Your final is never your final. Have it proofed again, and re-proof your self again.
  10. Make any adjustments to your final draft, and when you feel it is a great piece of work, it’s time to check all formatting and submit it for evaluation.

Hopefully these tips will help you if you feel your are having stumbling blocks. Remember to be creative and don’t allow your self to get too concerned with formalities with these tips if it is hindering your ability to write. Just write and then go over these tips to make sure you are covering the bases of a well-composed essay and one that will have a great chance of winning the essay contest.

Good luck on winning the essay contest and the publishing contract!