Mindmapping Your Ebook

Mindmapping is a very useful tool for ebook authors because it can enhance both creativity and productivity. Even though it has been around for a long time, many authors are not aware of it.

Mindmapping is very handy because it can be done anywhere – on your computer, a scratchpad or even a napkin. At its most basic level it is visualizing one’s thoughts. It transforms words or ideas into visuals and helps the author actually see what they are thinking.

One of the beautiful things about mindmapping for ebooks it is can transform chaos into an organized pattern and complexity into simplicity.

So how does an ebook author do this? Here is one way…

  1. Draw a bubble in the middle of a legal pad. Inside it write My Book.
  2. Draw some smaller bubbles around the big one – similar to planets going around the sun.
  3. For the time being, write Chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc.
  4. Next think of a working title (topic) and write it in the big bubble.
  5. The chapter bubbles can get tentative names too.
  6. Make smaller bubbles around the chapter headings and draw sections or even paragraphs.

That is the essence of mindmapping. There are no specific rules and if it works for you, then it is right.

There is a lot of mindmapping software you might want to try; some of it is free and some paid.  Have a look on the internet and you will find about 100 different mindmapping programs. On the other hand, your ebook might be best served doing it the old-fashioned by – by hand

Finally, just to give you a visual, you can see an example of mindmapping below.

Mindmapping Ebook Writing

Source: http://getbenchmark.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/mind-mapping-and-brainstorming/

Mindmapping has the ability to let you see and think about your ebook in the easiest possible way. Your table of contents is right there. You can rearrange things easily and outlining is simplified. Topics and subtopics are clearly visible.

We suggest that all ebook authors use this great mechanism for getting started on their ebook and continue to use it for changes as their writing project continues.

Source: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2011/10/roger-c-parker-mind-mapping/