Microsoft Word and Ebook Formats

No doubt one of the first things you will notice when writing an ebook is that there are more than 20 common ebook formats. There is no single format that every device is able to read. In addition, screen sizes vary making everything else (e.g., images) vary too.  Word helps to address this problem

If an author wants their ebook to be readable on multiple devices, they will likely need to publish it in several formats. Planning which e-readers to target prior to formatting will consequently be necessary.

The ebook file formats used most frequently include plain text, ePub, HTML, and Adobe PDF. The majority of e-readers can display images too, but some, like Amazon’s Kindle, just have monochrome screens. If you believe your ebook will be read on a monochrome e-reader, the images must look good in black and white.

Microsoft Word is a reasonable choice for writing an ebook. It has numerous features that make producing ebooks simple. You can utilize different styles for formatting an ebook or change the formatting to work on another platform. In addition, with a little additional work, you can use the References tool to make a table of contents as you go. You can also make a design template that can be used for all your ebooks. This allows you to devote more time to writing and less time dealing with formatting and layouts. After you have grasped these steps, you can create quality ebooks easily.

Creating your ebook as a Word document allows many options including publishing the ebook as a .pdf or converting it with an online or downloadable converter. The first time this is done might be a little challenging. Create a chapter or two of your ebook and test the template design with your preferred publication to make sure that everything works the way you want it to. Do not use a lot of time in formatting the whole document.

There are other tools for ebook publishing, but Word is easy and customizable. In addition, its .doc file format is used nearly everywhere so you will probably find a way to get from there to the ebook format you are looking for without much difficulty.