Buyer Focused Authoring for Ebooks

Most average writers realize that they need to determine who their audience is and focus on them. All experienced writers are acutely aware of that fact. What a good writer often does not know is that they need to focus on their buyers. Who is going to pay for their ebook?

The focus of a successful ebook must the buyers, not people taking advantage of one’s generosity and not window shoppers. Those who have already purchased previous work have made a statement that they like what the author is doing and they trust them enough to pay for it. Be sure to keep them satisfied and free word-of-mouth advertising will be the result.  Focus should be on what the readers want, not on what the writer wants.  A common error a lot of writers make is to write an ebook on a pet topic with the hope that it will make money. Yes, this works sometimes, but it is not a good strategy. It is far better to determine what the audience needs help with and tell them how they can solve their problem.

It is essential not to forget the research side of writing. Make sure what the audience wants is being created and find out if they will pay for it. Ask those who read blogs or who have purchased things before. Do a short survey of the people on your mailing list. There is one way and only one way to find out what readers want and that is to ask them. Perhaps the best way of all to determine what readers want is the social media.

The successful ebook author not only focuses on the audience but takes it an additional step. They focus on the buyer. This can be those who have purchased previous ebooks or those who are potential buyers. This should be based on good research.